Pest Control

The subject of pest control is taboo for many people. I understand this as many people, myself included, would much rather use a natural approach to protect their plants from predators.

However if you have witnessed the damage that rabbits can do to crops and/or ornamental plants you may appreciate the use of shooting pests to help elevate the problem.

After spending my youth regularly behind the scope of my rifle in the field and at the rifle club as well as testing my skills in field target shooting for many years; I am more than qualified to cull pests in your garden.

I frequented the rifle club as a youngster for many years, where safety is paramount and always the first priority. Having been taught this discipline from day one I am highly safety conscious and shoot with precision in a discreet manner.

Contact me directly for enquires into professionally protecting your garden and grounds from pests.

Jonathan Hawes

07878 526085